Mile of Music Festival Episode 1: Cultivating An Inclusive View of Local Music

Mile of Music Festival World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 9 "Music is a birthright." About this Episode We were delighted to discover the Mile Of Music Festival, which curates international music workshops alongside concerts of Americana and Folk music. Several of the Americana acts were imported nationwide and even internationally, but all of the international music is taught by people from within their small Appleton community. So which music is ‘local’?? We attended this 3 day festival, attended the workshops and spoke with the organizers to fully understand the blurring of [...]

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One: Ivory Coast Guitar & Vocal Duo

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 8 "It made a different touch on people’s hearts." About this Episode Jess Sah Bi & Peter One, musicians from Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, recall hearing the harmonies and guitars of Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens for the first time and how that impacted their music from that point onward. In our conversation they take us through the creation of their landmark African-Country-Folk inspired album Our Garden Needs Its Flowers from their initial search for a producer to [...]

Pamyua: The Most Famous Inuit Band In The World

Pamyua World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 7 "We’re doing this to save our lives." About this Episode Pamyua’s musical footprint, spanning two decades and several countries, is a testament to the ongoing vibrancy of Inuit music, the group members, and their unique heritage. Brothers Phillip and Stephen Blanchett speak from the heart on issues of identity, culture and music expressed through Pamyua (pronounced bum-yo-ah) with collaborators Ossie Kairaiuak and Karina Moeller. They are preservers of an amazing musical tradition that is still alive but has historically been marked for extinction and [...]

Zeshan B: Opera-Trained Indian Muslim Soul Singer

Zeshan Bagewadi World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 6 "It’s all laid out there; it’s your soul." About this Episode Chicago’s own Zeshan B’s fearlessness as an individual translates into music that knows no boundaries and takes from a wider range of influences than we may be used to hearing in one musician’s discography. In 2017 he released Vetted, his debut album, to critical acclaim. He made his national TV debut that same year on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Since then he’s been touring and preparing for his next release. [...]

Strunz & Farah: Billboard Chart Topping Costa Rican & Iranian Guitar Duo

Strunz & Farah World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 5 "It evolves out of the guitar, and out of our individual cultures." About this Episode Originally from Costa Rica and Iran respectively, Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah have brought the musical influences of their native lands into their highly virtuosic, rhythmic, and improvisation-rich original instrumental compositions, inspiring fans and many guitarists worldwide. Their meeting in 1979 in Los Angeles, where they are still based, marked the first time that Latin American and Middle Eastern music, along with other important elements, came together [...]

Aashish Khan: Legendary Indian Classical Master Of Sarode

Aashish Khan World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 4 "When I perform, I forget the world" About this Episode Aashish Khan is the eldest exponent of an Indian Classical music lineage that reaches all the way back to the court of Mughal emperor Akbar the Great. He takes us back to the creation of his pioneering Indo-Jazz fusion band, Shanti, in the early 1970s, he shares about his new project Shringar, and reveals that he has a literal treasure trove of unreleased recordings, including a track that he recorded with George Harrison, [...]

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