Paramount Records: the Rise, Fall, and Resurrection

Paramount Records World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 2 "They say Delta Blues is the roots, and everything else is the fruits. " About this Episode Our second episode brings us to a small town in the Northern part of the U.S. where we, surprisingly, find a deep Blues history. We follow Paramount Records through the peak of success, recording landmark artists that changed Western popular music forever, but this music, at several times, was almost lost forever. We follow the thin thread of events and recent efforts that have gone into [...]

Dave Pietro, American Jazz Saxophonist

Dave Pietro World Music Foundation Podcast | Season 1, Episode 1 "You can't play that which you haven't lived" About this Episode Dave Pietro’s curiosity and workmanship have been the foundation of his decade’s long career as an internationally touring Jazz musician. He explains the value of truly listening— even if what you’re hearing confuses or frightens you at first. We touch on his gigging history starting in New York, his new album New Road: Iowa Memoirs, and how immersing oneself in a culture can fundamentally change your understanding of pretty much everything. [...]